STUDIO POLICY - Beacon Students

Students ages 5 and up who are interested in piano and are willing to make the necessary effort are all welcomed.  The first lesson will be an introductory trial lesson/interview. Students and parents who show interest and compatibility with our teaching style will be admitted.  A strong sense of commitment and respect is expected from students and parents who are accepted into the studio.

>lesson description
Music theory, ear-training, sight-reading, technique and various styles of repertoire are taught in each lesson. For beginning students, the Shaak method is at the core of our teaching.   Lessons are typically an hour or forty-five minutes, with the length being agreed upon by the parent and the teacher.  In addition to weekly private lessons, students will attend two studio classes per semester.  These classes will be in groups with students of similar levels.  They will perform for each other, offer comments if they like, and participate in other musical activities.  See the calendar for studio class dates and times.

>payment and attendance policy
Tuition will be paid on a semester-to-semester basis, either at the beginning of the semester in total, or in a three-installment payment plan.   Those who pay in total at the beginning of the semester will receive a $50 discount on tuition.   Those who choose to use the payment plan will submit two post-dated checks along with the first payment at the beginning of the semester.   These checks will be deposited on the day they are dated (indicated below), and we will remind you of the deposit one week beforehand. 

Both Fall and Spring semester have 16 scheduled lessons.  (See the calendar for details.)   The last two weeks of the semester are make-up weeks.  We will use these make-up weeks to cover up to two student absences that may occur during the semester.  Our calendar generally follows the Beacon Public School calendar, with breaks and holidays accounted for.   All teacher absences will  be made up during the semester or during the make-up weeks if they are not needed for student absences.  Student absences will only be made up during the two make-up weeks at the end of the semester.  If make-ups are not needed for the Fall semester, the Fall make-up weeks may be used for expected Spring semester absences.   Student absences during make-up weeks will not be made up.  For those who join the studio mid-semester, tuition will be prorated accordingly

Should students desire to stop lessons, refunds will only be given during the first three weeks.  After the third lesson, no refunds will be given.   In the event of a serious illness or family crisis a refund for remaining untaught lessons may be given at the teacher's discretion.  If the teacher decides to terminate lessons, a refund will be given for remaining untaught lessons. 

Lessons will begin only after the tuition has been collected. 

Tuition includes 16 lessons per semester, two studio classes of $20 each, and one recital fee of $20 per semester.    

>Tuition for 30-minute lessons:                    $700 ($40 per lesson)

>Tuition for 45-minute lessons:                    $860 ($50 per lesson)

>Tuition for 60-minute lessons:                    $1020 ($60 per lesson)

>There is $50 discount on your total tuition if you pay the full amount at the beginning of the semester. 

>Checks should be made out to Forte Piano Studio, LLC. There is a $30 fee for any returned checks.

>The three-installment payment plan in detail:
Total tuition will be divided into three equal payments.   Parents/students will submit two post-dated checks along with the first payment at the beginning of the semester.   The two additional checks should be dated November 1st, and December 15th for the Fall semester, and April 1st, and May 15th for the Spring semester.   We will send an email reminder one week before the second and third checks are deposited.

Fall Semester (September 7 -  January 30):
The first check will be deposited at the beginning of the semester.  
Second check: November 1.
Third check: December 15.

Spring Semester (January 31 - June 20):
The first check will be deposited at the beginning of the semester.  
Second check: March 15
Third check: May 1.

> Student Expectations

1. Students are expected to arrive to lessons and recitals on time.  Any time missed due to tardiness, forgetting a lesson, or having to end a lesson early will not be made up and there are no refunds.  Please keep in mind that the instructor has reserved this time slot for you and has arranged his or her schedule around other students as well. It is extremely important that you stay with your scheduled lesson time. 

2. Students are expected to practice at home daily for 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the level of the student (Please discuss with your instructor).  If the student is not practicing for extended periods of time (other than vacations and trips), a parent/teacher meeting will be scheduled.

3. Students are expected to come to each lesson with his/her music books and notebook. 

4. Parental involvement is required for younger students. Kids improve quickly and have a better understanding of materials learned if parents are actively involved.  The last five minutes of the lesson will often be a follow up conversation with the parent.  Parents will be requested to monitor practice for all younger students.  For the older students, parents will be requested to monitor practice if progress is not being shown.  If there is a consistent lack of commitment and progress, the teacher may discontinue lessons. 

5. Each semester there are two studio classes and one recital that are mandatory.  Recitals and studio classes give students a goal, which will help them have direction in their practicing.  It is also important that students get performance experience.  The cost of the studio classes and recital, are included in the tuition. 

>tuition adjustments
Any adjustments made to the tuition will be addressed at the beginning of the school year.

>promotional media
We reserve the right to use photos and from recitals, studio classes, and lessons for our website and social media.  Students will remain anonymous - names will not be used.

>teaching goals
The goals are of our studio are for each student to develop piano, music theory and ear-training skills, and most importantly acquire a life-lasting love, respect and understanding of music.

PDF of this policy exactly as above:

Forte Piano Studio Policy Beacon 2017-2018.pdf